3 injured, including firefighter, in Loveland motel explosion

Posted at 11:39 AM, Apr 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 16:11:24-04

LOVELAND, Colo. – Three people were injured, including a firefighter, after an explosion at a motel in Loveland Saturday evening.

Early numbers by Loveland Fire Rescue Authority put the count of those injured at five, but more clarity was given Monday.

Officials said the blast was an accident, related to a gas leak.

Firefighters were responding to a medical call in the area of East Eisenhower Boulevard and Monroe Avenue when the explosion occurred at around 6:44 p.m., according to a Loveland Police Department spokesperson.

A man living in Unit 6, where the blast occurred, was taken to the hospital. Another resident was treated on-scene after refusing to be taken to the hospital, but was taken later Saturday.

A firefighter also suffered minor injuries after being hit in the head by debris.

Denver7 spoke with people living at the complex who said Rosebud provides apartment-style living for several families.

Resident Michelle Carrier said she saw another resident being loaded into an ambulance in the unrelated medical call when the explosion happened.

"The ambulance was pulling out and the firefighters were getting ready to leave. There was three of them, and just as they were walking past that truck is when it blew," Michelle said.

Besides being thankful fire crews were already on-scene, neighbors said this was one of the few times the kids in the complex weren't playing in the lot.

"There's usually at least, anywhere from four to six kids running around here, playing." Michelle said. 

Officials will resume their investigation into what caused the explosion and subsequent fire on Monday morning.

In the meantime, Rosebud residents are hoping they can help.

"One guy already talking, 'I know how to do this, I know how to do that,' and 'My husband works with concrete.' So, I think we're going to pull together as a little family here and hopefully get life back on the right track," Michelle told Denver7.

Police said in total, ten people were left without a home, but the Red Cross stepped in to help.

Officials told Denver7 several Rosebud residents said they smelled gas during the day. However, those reports came after Saturday's blast.

Again, LFRA said Saturday's explosion was an accident, blaming a gas leak in Unit 6.

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