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Littleton turns to border collies and remote controls to fix goose poop problem

Posted at 5:01 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 19:33:27-05

LITTLETON, Colo. -- Try to take a walk through Clement Park in Littleton and you’ll surely find it. Or step in it. 

“A goose problem. And obviously the byproduct of geese is their byproduct,” said Ronald Hopp, of the Foothills Park & Recreational District. 

This year especially, the goose droppings have become unavoidable. 

“They’re Canada geese,” Hopp said. 

“The geese have increased in number and the poop has increased in number,” one park walker told Denver7. “And my biggest beef is when I’m rollerblading and it’s a little wet – I slip on the poop.”

So park officials decided to call in the pros. 

“We get rid of unwanted geese from properties throughout Denver,” Tim Eubank of Up and Away Goose Control said.

Eubank and his team of border collies basically chase the geese out of area parks, golf courses, and other areas. The hope is that the birds move on to actual natural habitats outside of the city.

“The border collie is the most effective tool because it does mimic a natural predator of the goose,” Eubank said.

The method is approved by both PETA and the Humane Society since it doesn’t involve any actual harm to the animal. 

“We’re making the geese think that there’s a fox out there, that there’s a predator out there,” the five-year goose control vet said. 

He also uses a remote control vehicle that looks like a fox to move geese off of shorelines and lakes. The group has been working in Clement Park for about a week, and park management say they believe it is already working.