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US Marine pictured in lost photo album found, Lakewood woman says

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 29, 2019

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – A U.S. Marine whose pictures were found on the doorstep of a Lakewood woman’s home has been found.

Christine Gallegos told Denver7 Tuesday she found multiple photo albums on her door step, with a message that read:

"I'm sorry but a vet lost all his pics, I'm homeless myself and I would try to get these home. If you know this kid please help.”

Inside, she found pictures of a U.S. Marine – while on-duty, with family – in short, memories treasured by someone who needed to be found.

On Thursday, Denver7 was told some good news: Gallegos was able to locate the man, and it only took one phone call.

Gallegos told Denver7 her daughter, who lives in California, knows many people in the armed forces because her brother is also a veteran.

The woman told her daughter what she had found, and within five minutes of the call, her daughter called back to inform her that she had found the man in the photos and had a number for him.

It turns out, the Marine in the photographs lived about three blocks away from where Gallegos lives.

The Marine told Gallegos he was storing stuff in his car to put in storage since he is moving to California, but that someone broke in and stole some items, along with several photo albums.

Gallegos, mind-blown after finding the man, said she is excited to meet him and give him back the memories that were stolen from him.