Public restroom battle raising a stink in Fort Collins

Posted at 11:04 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 01:04:45-05

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Some business owners in Old Town Fort Collins are speaking out against a plan to build new public restrooms.

The city is budgeting $350,000 to build new ADA-compliant public restrooms that are also more energy efficient.  

Scott Lee owns a business right beside the public restroom site and says he is worried it will attract crime and transients.

“I’ve seen sadly a lot of things that shouldn’t be happening. People tend to do things behind closed doors that maybe shouldn’t be happening right next to where families are taking their families out to lunch or dinner,” said Lee.

In an attempt to rid Old Town of those concerns, the project includes small sinks that only run water for 10 seconds, and it’s coated in a graffiti-proof cover.

But not everyone is against Fort Collins' plan.

 “Well I think it makes sense, and it’s a travesty for a town to not have public restrooms available. There are people, myself included, who need access to a bathroom quickly,” said Fred Colby.

The new restroom will replace an older one and will be open 24/7.

It will consist of six unisex stalls and two handicap accessible ones made of indestructible materials.

Right now the city is putting its final touches on the plan. 


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