Man pays thousands for incomplete job

Posted at 1:20 PM, May 29, 2016

A Weld County family says they and at least two other neighbors were scammed by a paving company that charged them thousands for an incomplete job.

Everett McCully said he contracted the company, Road Construction, after spotting them working on his neighbor’s driveway.

He asked them whether they could work on his driveway as well, and they were soon at work. However, he noticed they began paving more than what he’d asked them to.

In the end, they charged him $9,800 for the job, which he paid before they finished.

He said they made him write two separate checks, each for Andrew Lajoy.

“I should have said ‘Hey, I’ll pay you when it’s all done,” he said, “but I didn’t, I was a softie.”

The men said they would return the next day to finish the job, but McCully hasn’t heard from them since.

His daughter, Linette Ballew, was excited to get her first paved driveway.

“I’ve lived on a dirt road my whole life,” she said.

She never expected the final product she's now forcing herself to get used to. “It’s glorified gravel," Ballew said.

Denver7 tried to contact the company along with Ballew, but both numbers went straight to voicemail.

One of the numbers is local, another is a number from Missouri.

"I'm kind of in shock because I already have weeds popping up and it's only been a week," said Ballew.  

McCully was able to track down one complaint after he searched for the company on the Better Business Bureau website for Missouri. 

The complaint is from a woman who says she didn’t get what she paid for.

McCully has since filed a complaint with the BBB along with the Weld County Sheriff.

“All I want them to do is finish the job they started,” he said.

Ballew spoke to at least two other neighbors on the same street who say they were also scammed.

Now she and her dad want to warn others about the men, who they say drive around in a red gravel truck.

“I know that they’re out there doing this to other people,” she said, “because I’ve seen this truck in another neighborhood over.”

 The BBB in Colorado has a list of online tipsfor consumers before they contract someone for asphalt work. 


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