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Woman nearly killed in car crash continues to defy the odds

Posted at 9:27 PM, Feb 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-24 00:29:13-05

DENVER -- It was the winter of 2016 when Molei Wright and her boyfriend Jeremy were driving over Kenosha Pass in a snowstorm when their car was hit by a truck.

Jeremy was able to get out of the car but Molei was stuck between the dash and the passenger seat.

A stranger who was driving behind ended up doing CPR on Molei for 45 minutes before help arrived.

Doctors say Molei would have certainly died if it weren't for the hero stranger who was visiting Colorado from Texas.

Molei's road to recovery seemed grim. Doctors said Molei was internally decapitated. She was given a one percent chance to live. Molei had other plans.

Denver7 first started following Molei's story when she was still in the hospital. Only machines were keeping her alive and she was hardly alert with family surrounding her hospital bed.

The miracles started in the summer of 2016, when Molei was able to wheel herself out of the hospital.

Denver7 visited Molei again as she recovered from home in the fall of 2016. She had to re-learn how to walk and eat. She was slowly getting her speech back, too.

Molei was already defying the odds when Denver7 checked in for a third time at the beginning of February. As it turns out, Molei was ready to go skiing.

Cameras were rolling when Molei put on her ski gear with the help of instructors from the Breckenridge Outdoor Recreation Center. The adaptive ski program makes miracles happen every day helping people with disabilities get back on the slopes.

Molei, who wasn't even supposed to walk again, clipped her boots to the skis with little help from her guides.

Her first run was a success. She stood upright with the help of her adaptive skis. The instructor wrapped a bungee around her to help with control.

Molei's boyfriend, Jeremy, was waiting at the bottom of the run with a huge smile on his face.

"She's just so happy," he said. "I'm so happy."

Molei couldn't get enough and took the lift up to the top of the mountain one more time.

At the end of her second run she couldn't hold back the tears any longer. She had a strong message for those going through similar struggles.

"Never give up. Never back down. The sky is the limit."

Molei said she wanted to thank her instructors at the B.O.E.C. for helping her make this dream come true.