Von's Vision: Hundreds of kids get new glasses

Posted at 10:40 PM, Apr 27, 2016

There are more than 27,000 low-income students in Denver who are in desperate need of glasses, but a Denver Bronco is doing his part to help them see a brighter future. 

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller and his foundation, Von's Vision, hosted a Vision Day party at Sports Authority Field Wednesday where approximately 300 kids received new glasses, some who received a new pair for the first time. 

“I finally got to meet a real football player in person,” said Kaylee Waltke, one the lucky students who not only ate pizza with the Broncos linebacker, but also got a tour of Sports Authority Field and was able to take a picture with the football athlete afterward. 

“When I was little I had trouble with my grades and everything, but now that I have my glasses I’m higher with my grades,” Waltke told Denver7.

After meeting the children, Miller told Denver7's Adam Hammond he is able to relate to Kaylee's story.

“It’s near and dear to my heart. I’ve been wearing glasses my whole life since I was in the second grade,” said Miller at Wednesday’s event.

Christopher Manganello is very thankful to Miller because his son now has a pair of glasses which will help him do better in school.

"You can tell he's really passionate about it and we're really honored to be a part of the glasses program that he funded,” said Manganello.

More than a fourth of the students who enter first-grade in Denver need glasses, but they've never had an eye exam.

Von's Vision offers those exams and even pays for the glasses of some of those students in need.

“All these kids need is a fair playing ground. Glasses, contacts, some of these kids don't even know they can't see,” said Miller.

Miller took a break from practicing for Dancing with the Stars to make it to the event.

He said he's not sure if the dancing will make him a better football player, but will it will make his sack celebrations much better.


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