Lawmakers push to end time change in Colorado

Posted at 9:08 PM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 16:53:24-05

DENVER -- Get ready for a shock to your circadian rhythm as we spring forward this Sunday. While you may have bags under your eyes, the good news is that you'll also be getting an extra hour of daylight.

“I would rather have the extra hour of sleep than the daylight,” said Zach Deamocker.

Love it or hate it, the alarm will go off earlier. Most Americans, with the exception of Hawaii and Arizona, spring forward and fall back.

“I lived in Arizona, and it was a terrible idea,” said Cyndia Miller.

Miller grew up springing forward, but when Arizona stopped changing the clocks it threw her off.

“An hour is a long time. It really is. I mean it’s like going to another time zone!” said Miller.

Daylight Saving Time was originally introduced for economic reasons as more daylight meant more time to get more work done, without wasting too much energy. 

Business owner Terry Aldridge sees it both ways.

“There’s statistically more accidents. I’m in the construction industry, and we’re having a safety meeting Monday morning to look into everyone’s eyes to make sure they’re awake," said Aldridge.

A 2014 CU Boulder study agrees, saying the switch up and loss of sleep leads to 302 traffic deaths over 10 years.

Monday, a bill will be introduced in the Colorado legislature that begin the process to end time change.

“We’ve had this practice in our system for almost 100 years. It’s served its time and place to save energy, but now with the advent of efficiency and solar panels and things they didn’t have 100 years ago, let’s keep our clocks on one time,” said bill sponsor Representative Dan Pabon.

Pabon said leaving the clock on Daylight Saving Time would maximize sunlight throughout the year.

If it becomes law it will still have an uphill battle.

Voters would have to approve it in November, and then all other states that use Mountain Standard Time would also have to make the switch.

Lawmakers say this one is different from a previous bill this session because it puts Colorado permanently on Daylight Saving Time not Standard, making the most of the daylight year-round.


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