St. Patrick's: DUI unit strolls through Denver

Posted at 2:16 PM, Mar 13, 2016

One Colorado family is investing their time and resources during this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to show people just how much they’ve had to drink.

Holly Woodhouse, sibling Jenna Lee Bennett and her husband, Seth, purchased an RV to start what they say is the first mobile drug and alcohol testing business offered in the state. 

“To spread awareness that even two drinks can be more than enough to cause an accident or get in trouble,” said Woodhouse.

Woodhouse and her sister lost their grandmother after she crashed while driving drunk more than 30 years ago.

On Saturday night the three went around downtown Denver offering free breathalyzer tests in an effort to help educate the community on the effects of DUI's, drugs and alcohol intoxication. 

They plan to eventually team up with businesses to offer tests during company parties, court mandated testing as well as on-site employee enforced testing. 

“Maybe it’ll help them realize, 'OK, I’d better slow down or stop right now because in a little higher than I thought,"” said Woodhouse.

They wish their grandmother and father who they say also suffered from alcoholism could have had a similar resource.

“Heck yeah,” said Bennett, adding, “We’re trying to be more approachable and more compassionate and I do think that will help.” 


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