Parents concerned about large Kindergarten class sizes in Stapleton

Each Kindergarten class has 25-28 kids
Posted at 9:43 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 00:39:39-04

STAPLETON, Colo. -- As Stapleton continues to grow, schools are reaching capacity and class sizes are at times exceeding 30 kids, which is a growing concern for parents.

"It's too many kids," said mother of four Becca Miles who moved to Stapleton for the schools.

Miles has a 5-year-old who will be attending Kindergarten this fall at Isabella Bird. She said school staff told her there could be up to thirty kids in each class.

"How do you meet all those needs of all those kids, get all those kids reading with 30 in a classroom?" Miles said.

"We hear you, and we're with you, class sizes have been large this year," said Isabella Bird Principal Brian Ricker. "We started the year at 30 this year, and we had some classes that started above that."

Ricker said they're doing everything they can to keep class sizes below 30 next year, but because each family that moves to Stapleton is guaranteed a spot within a Stapleton school -- sometimes they have no choice.

"There are a lot of new families moving into the Stapleton area so we need to be able to provide them with a seat in the school," said Ricker.

Denver Public School data shows the average kindergarten class in Stapleton will have 25-28 kids per class next year, following the first round of SchoolChoice. Below is a breakdown by school:

  • Bill Roberts: 28/class
  • Westerly Creek: 26/class
  • Isabella Bird: 28/class
  • Swigert International: 26/class
  • High Tech Elementary: 25/class
  • Inspire Elementary: 17/class

DPS officials said these number will change closer to fall, and historically have dropped by more than 10 percent before the start of the school year.

Officials are also opening Inspire Elementary in hopes of lowering class sizes at other schools.

Miles said she wants to make sure her child is set up for success.

"If you don't get that foundation in the first year, then you're playing catch up," she said. 


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