Students learn how to navigate smoke-filled home

Posted at 2:51 PM, Oct 01, 2015

The American Red Cross showed three classes at Newlon Elementary School what to do in case a fire starts inside their homes.

On Thursday morning, 5th graders learned how to escape from a burning house and also how to make a plan of action in case of a fire.

Knowledge like this is valuable because kids then have an idea of what to expect in case disaster strikes, American Red Cross spokeswoman Patricia Billinger told 7NEWS reporter Kyle Horan.

"So, we have the kids practice crawling, during home fires you need to go low, get below the smoke," said Billinger.

It's called the "Pillowcase Project," named after the gift each student receives to remind them of what to do in an emergency.

"That's going to be their emergency kit where they can put supplies, toys, things they can grab quickly if they need to evacuate," Billinger said. "During Hurricane Katrina, we learned that there were university students that needed to evacuate quickly. They didn't have a kit. So, they grabbed their pillowcases and threw their valuable in their pillowcases."

The Red Cross offers this experience to schools for no cost. They plan to continue for five more years.

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