New concerns about rat poison at the Breakers/TAVA Waters apartments

Apartment complex changes name
Posted at 3:07 AM, Jan 08, 2017

DENVER – Residents at the Breakers Resort apartment complex are expressing new concerns about a rat infestation and the attempts to control it.

On Friday, Denver7 first reported on numerous dead rats that had been found on the grounds of the complex, near East Mississippi Avenue and South Alton Street.

Residents said they first complained about the rats to management weeks ago, after noticing the rodents had been chewing on electrical wiring in several of their cars.

On Saturday, some of those residents told Denver7 that pest control crews were scrambling to pick up the dead rats and loose rat poison bait.

Justin Parsons said he observed the crews when they initially distributed the bait.

“I physically watched them…take the poison packets and throw them against the building,” he said, “and they fell behind the bushes.  Nobody came back to pick them up until it was broadcast on the news, then they hurried up.  There were six different crews picking up poison packets.”

Parson said he didn't see that any of the packets had been placed in plastic bait stations.

Some residents say the poison packets, which had been left on the grounds for weeks, pose a hazard to other animals, specifically pets.

“At first, it wasn’t too bad,” said Chad Clements, “A dead rat here, a dead rat there, no big deal. But then we started seeing dead squirrels everywhere, dead rabbits, other birds, geese, that kind of stuff.”

That’s when they started to worry.

“You don’t want to walk your dog outside anymore,” Clements said. “I have a dog and don’t walk him outside for that reason. I’m afraid he might grab a squirrel, or a rabbit (that has been poisoned)," he said.

Apartment complex name change

When residents woke up Saturday morning, they noticed new, temporary signs had been posted over the existing “Breakers Resort” signs.

The complex is now called TAVA Waters.

Complex management did not return a phone call seeking comment about the rat problem and the name change.

Residents said they can’t help but wonder if the two are connected.

“I’m shocked,” said one resident. “None of us have been told anything. When I asked the manager about the rats, he told me they were taking care of the problem as fast as they possibly can, but we’ve been waiting for this to be taken care of for two months. It has been a long ordeal.”


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