Lindsey Vonn hosts girls camp in Denver

Posted at 2:18 PM, Apr 22, 2017
DENVER -- Olympic hero and Vail's "golden girl" Lindsey Vonn is preparing for next year's Olympics, but taking a weekend off of the slopes to teach local girls some valuable lessons. 
Vonn and her foundation, along with a local nonprofit, hosted a "strong girls" camp this weekend. 
"We're focusing on building confidence, teaching them leadership, friendship," Vonn told Denver7. 
She says her "do anything" mentality started at age 9, when she met then-Olympian skier Picabo Street. 
"Meeting her for two minutes impacted my whole life. So I understand how someone inspirational can impact people," she added.
If you ask 14-year-old Bryce Baca, a triathlete, Vonn is spot-on.
"She's so inspiring and she's saying you can do anything and achieve anything," Baca said.
Bryce and the hundred or so other young athletes worked in teams in the classroom and other hands-on activities, using sports as the link to life lessons.
"I just want them to be able to accomplish whatever they set their minds to do and believe in themselves, really believe that," Vonn said about her hopes for the event. 
And it's working.
"I realize I can do anything and I can be anything and I can achieve my goal," Baca said with a smile. 
Which, by the way, is to win an Olympic gold medal.
For more on the Lindsey Vonn Foundation and her camps, visit her foundation's website

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