Flower pots and large planters targeted by thieves in northeast Denver

'Ring' doorbell captures thieves stealing planter
Posted at 7:59 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 21:59:27-04

DENVER -- Thieves in northeast Denver have a strange, new target: your front porch flower pot.

A Stapleton neighborhood Facebook post says it all: "A flower pot? Wow, I'm speechless."

Audrey Coonan, for one, isn't surprised by this blooming breed of burglars.

“I don't think this is surprising because it's a nice neighborhood. People know that you have nice things," Coonan said.

Some of the theft is being caught on-camera with new video doorbells, called "Ring."

"You have access to the information in your pocket," said Edgar Maldonado, assistant professor in the computer information systems department of the College of Business at Metropolitan State University. “It doesn't matter where you are."

Maldonado said ever-evolving technologies like the Ring doorbells are helping to deter crime, catch dumb criminals and give families peace of mind.

"You are not in front of your house,” he said. “You cannot defend your house, but you know what's going on."

Police said potted plant theft is bizarre, but not that uncommon.

Thieves tend to focus on easy targets like plants, porch decorations and patio furniture.


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