Family's car stolen at Elitch Gardens over the weekend

Park official tells family theft is an issue
Posted at 9:53 PM, Jun 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-26 23:53:48-04

What should have been a day of thrills and big smiles at Elitch Gardens ended with heartache and stress for one Denver family.           

Thieves stole their bag from inside the park with their phones and car keys. The crooks then apparently went out to the parking lot – and stole their car.

"As soon as we got back to where we left our things, our bags were gone,” said theft victim, Christian Campa. “They were missing. Then, I ran out (to the parking lot) and the car wasn't there."

Police still haven’t located the family’s 2008 maroon Saturn, plate number: LQJ-216.

Adding insult to injury, Crystal’s purse was in the trunk with next month’s rent money.

"They have our cash, they have our information, they have a key to our house," Crystal Campa said. “I've been terrified. I had the latch lock (on the door) all day."

The Campa’s told Denver7 a park official said to them theft has been a big problem the past two weekends.

Elitch Gardens issued this statement:

“Unfortunately, theft is a risk whenever one leaves valuables unattended in a public area.

When visiting a water park, it is recommended that patrons only bring essentials, make use of available lockers, make sure items are not left unattended and use a cashless wristband service. Water proof cases for certain valuables kept in one's possession can be useful, too.

Safety and security is Elitch Gardens' number one priority and we take extra precautions to protect our guests by employing a staff of uniformed security officers, having Denver police officers onsite, as well as having an active force of undercover agents, all in a comprehensive effort to make Elitch Gardens as safe and secure as possible.” –Jolie DuBois, spokeswoman

Christian Campa said if you plan to go, beware.

“It must have been somebody who has done it before,” he said. “And will probably do it again."

Denver7 has put in a request for any surveillance video available of the incident.

A family friend has set-up this GoFundMe site if you would like to help support the family. 


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