Deputy US Attorney General visits Denver to discuss police and community relations

Posted at 1:41 PM, Sep 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 15:50:41-04

DENVER -- In light of recent police-involved shootings across the country, the Deputy Attorney General of the United States was in Denver to meet with local leaders about how to strengthen the community's relationship with law enforcement.

The big word that kept coming up was trust, and how to improve a strained relationship between police and the community. 
That's why the second-highest ranking member of the Justice Department was in town -- for an open, and at times, frank conversation with law enforcement, elected officials, and community leaders.
It was held behind-closed-doors to try to work out solutions to one of the biggest problems facing our nation today, but the U.S. Deputy AG spoke to Denver7 beforehand. 
"If the public who we serve doesn't trust the criminal justice system, they don't trust law enforcement, then everything falls apart. And I think the events that we've seen going back to Ferguson haven't started this distrust, I think they've revealed distrust," Sally Yates said.
Because that meeting was held behind closed doors, we're not being told a lot of specifics of what was discussed or what they came up with, but people coming out did tell Denver7's Jason Gruenauer that they thought it was productive and they look forward to having more of these meetings in the future. 


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