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Denver's push to make city more bike-friendly may have hit a snag

Posted at 10:00 PM, Oct 30, 2017

BARNUM, Colo. -- Denver's quest to make the city more pedestrian and bike-friendly may have hit a snag, at least in one neighborhood.

A Denver7 viewer wanted to know why work on a very busy intersection in the Barnum neighborhood, which is meant to help bicyclists, is really bothering motorists.

Ever since work began at the intersection of Morrison Road, West Alameda Ave and South Knox Court, Greg Dare can't stand it.

In 2015, Denver decided to make this intersection safer for bicyclists. It was all part of “Denver moves”, a plan to make neighborhoods more pedestrian and bike-friendly.

The Knox Court project includes a bike boulevard, traffic calming measures, safer crossings and more signs and signals, according to these 2015 plan drawings.

Today, it's not working out so well for Greg.

"They've widened the sidewalk out twice what they need. Cars are jammed up. This over here used to be a three-lane opening where you could come up. Cars could make a right turn onto Alameda,” said Dare.

Tire marks on the newly-paved sidewalk might backup his case too.

"You could drive two cars down the sidewalk. That sidewalk is just such a waste of our traffic," said Dare. "I see a waste of materials, and it's Denver tax dollars. And plus, it's dangerous."

Dangerous when people are either confused or don't care, as Dare said he witnessed four cars in 15 minutes drive the wrong way on a newly designated one-way street.

He hopes the city goes back to the way it was.

"It's a waste of city money. Your money, my money. All our money."

Denver7 reached out to Denver's Transportation and Mobility Department for comment but did not receive a response by air time.