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Denver7 exclusive: Train troubles still an issue at Denver International Airport

Posted at 6:59 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 20:59:14-05

DENVER – Additional issues have plagued the train system at Denver International Airport since a sensor malfunction stalled TSA traffic the day before Thanksgiving, Denver7 has confirmed. 

One service outage lasted six minutes, the other lasted four. Two other sensor errors occurred that day, but did not require a complete shutdown of the system.

"It was saying there was a train on the track system underground when there actually was no train.   And so for safety reasons, it's an automated system that doesn't allow us to drive trains on that area where it believes there is a train when in fact, there is not," said DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery.

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The issue surrounds a sensor on the west side of the platforms between the main terminal and the A concourse.

Since the system glitch on November 22, Denver7 has learned of eleven additional sensor malfunctions.

Officials said the trains never stopped completely during the sensor malfunction, but in some cases had to be driven manually, causing a slowdown for travelers.

“We feel like we've identified what the problem is. The engineers won't be a 100 percent sure that they've actually fixed it permanently until the system runs at full capacity for a few days," said Montgomery.

As another holiday travel surge approaches, crews are on standby to drive the trains in case of further issues.

Trains can also take other routes underground to avoid the sensor plaguing the 23-year-old system.

Airport officials said they stand by the train system, which according to them has a reliability rate topping 99 percent.