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Denver woman says her latest takeout order was littered with rodent droppings

Posted at 4:49 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 20:54:32-05

DENVER -- A Denver woman says her latest order of Chinese food takeout came with something she didn't order: rodent droppings. 

Rebecca Dongog tells Denver7 she ordered food for her and her family from the Masa Asian Kitchen on Federal Boulevard in Denver last night. Her order of fried sesame tofu had dark specs on them that she believes were from a rat or mouse. 

"There’s no way that was a sesame seed," she said. "It was mouse poop."

She told her kids to stop eating and documented what she saw. She claims there were "at least" fourteen droppings throughout her tofu meal.

"I was immediately disgusted," she said. 

Denver7 took the issue straight to the restaurant, asking an employee about the claims. 

"Oh my God, it's unbelievable," that employee said, denying that it happened. 

When asked if the Masa Kitchen was a clean restaurant, she replied "Yeah, it is."

But health inspection reports say otherwise. 

Denver7 found that in just the last 12 months, the restaurant had 16 violations. Those included food temperature, cleanliness, and rat droppings. 

Their June 2017 inspection found "greater than 200 rodent droppings were present in the facility's basement," and "greater than 100 rodent droppings present in the kitchen." 

"That's disgusting, that is absolutely unacceptable," Dongog said.

Denver7 asked to check out the restaurant's kitchen, but the request was denied.

As of Wednesday evening, the manager has not returned Denver7's calls for comment. 

An official with Denver's Department of Environmental Health said it will respond to any filed complaint by following up with a future inspection of the restaurant.