DPD investigates 2nd report of impersonators

Posted at 7:33 PM, Feb 14, 2016

Police are searching for two men suspected of pretending to be police officers in two separate incidents on Saturday.  

The first happened Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m. near the area of 38th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard in northwest Denver. The second happened Saturday night around 11:30 p.m. near the area of Ogden and Kentucky Streets.

Denver Police say the two incidents have some similarities, but cannot be connected at this time.

Officers said a man filed a report shortly after Saturday morning saying he’d been robbed by two men impersonating police officers.

The man told investigators he was stopped by two men driving a maroon Crown Victoria with red and blue flashing lights.

The two men, one wearing a police uniform with a badge and a gun, another in a blue t-shirt and khaki pants also with a badge and gun, made him get out of the car.

"There’s so many entities and so many different professions, security guards and things like that, that dress in that manner so unfortunately it makes it difficult in those situations,” said Sonny Jackson, a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department. 

The impersonators then handcuffed the man and pushed him back in his car, taking his belongings and wallet. He was told to wait as they went back to their car.

Police said they then came back and gave the victim all of his belongings, telling the man he was getting off on a warning.

One suspect told the man to wait until they left, but moments later, the victim realized they had taken $180 from his wallet.

Not even 24 hours later, a second person questioned the authenticity of the police car that was attempting to pull him over in the neighborhood just west of Wash Park. The victim called 911 without ever stopping. Police say a vehicle matching the description of the first case pulled alongside the victims car and drove off.

The victim reported flashing, red and blue police lights in the lower portion of the vehicle's dash.  

Denver Police tell Denver7 none of their unmarked cruisers have lights placed in that location.

The man described the two suspects:

  • 1.       A white male, 5-feet, 6-inches, with a stocky build, short blonde hair, blue eyes, clean shaven and wearing a police uniform.
  • 2.       A black male, 6-feet, weighing 200 pounds and heavy set, bald, brown eyes, wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki pants with black boots

Officers said the suspects may be driving a maroon Crown Victoria with Colorado license plates, though the victim was not able to get the plate number.

Jackson said they’re checking to see whether they’ve received any reports of similar instances. In the meantime, he suggests people take precautions when being pulled over.  

“If you feel like you’re being pulled over go ahead and be as responsive as possible do the right things,” he said, “but also talk to the officers, tell them, 'I’m going to pull over to a well-lit area,' that kind of thing.” 


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