Denver Park Rangers are using new surveillance cameras to keep city parks safer

Three Denver parks have cameras, more coming soon
Posted at 10:09 PM, Apr 12, 2017

DENVER -- Call it big brother or added protection. Denver Parks and Recreation is now watching you at city parks with newly launched surveillance cameras.

Common's Park, City Park and Parkfield are the first three parks to get the technology.

Denver Park Ranger Bob Toll said the goal is to keep the parks safer, and the three locations for the first cameras were not chosen at random.

"[The cameras were installed] Where we're having the most problems throughout the city," he said. "It's a public space and so I'm not sure there's any large expectation that people aren't monitored."

Common's Park has a total of ten cameras, and is recorded 24/7.

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Rangers monitor live feeds from all three parks on two giant TV monitors inside the Webb Building. They can play it back and the video is stored for a month.

If a crime is caught on video, they would immediately call Denver Police.

"Not only the identification, stopping the issue, a deterrence but also in the prosecution," said Toll.

Rangers are also looking for other kinds of behavior.

"One of the top complaints we get day in and day out is dogs off leash," said Toll.

The cameras aren't cheap. The ones at Commons Park cost around $100,000, but the city said it allows rangers to do more with less and believe they will quickly pay for themselves. 

"I may not need four or five rangers to patrol an area, I may get by with less because I can direct them," said Toll. "It can be a game changer for illegal activity -- there's no doubt about it." 

Two parks in Denver -- La Alma Park and St. Charles Park -- are still waiting for the security system to be installed. 

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