Officer shot by burglary suspect loves her job

Posted at 8:50 PM, Feb 22, 2016

The officer shot Monday loves her job.

Sources tell Denver7 the officer shot trying to stop two burglary suspects on Monday is Rachel Eid.

Eid was interviewed last summer and said, "You wouldn't even have to pay me to do this job some days."

Eid was shot in the left leg Monday. She was in fair condition at last report.

Eid has been on the force for several years and has an outstanding work record, according to Denver police chief Robert White said.

Last year, Eid was working the graveyard shift when she was interviewed by the Denver police media team.

Eid said something on her way to a call, something she proved on the job Monday.

"You never really know, until you get there, what's going on," Eid said.

Monday, Eid and others officers were called to a burglary in progress. Officers stopped two suspects in the area of West 34th Avenue and Irving Street, Denver Police spokesman Doug Schepman said.

One suspect was taken into custody immediately, but the other suspect ran off and was chased by two officers to the area of Moncrieff and Lowell, Schepman said.

"(The officers) spotted the individual in the vicinity ... at which time, there was an exchange of gunfire. The officer (Eid) was struck," White said.

The fleeing suspect kept running and carjacked a vehicle near 32nd and Lowell. Police pursued the stolen vehicle and approximately three blocks later, at 35th and Lowell, the suspect lost the control of the vehicle, and was stopped, Schepman said.

"He was confronted by several police officers, at which time, there was a second exchange of gunfire," White said.

Two officers opened fire on the suspect and he was shot and killed. No other officer was injured.

Eid said working the graveyard shift made her used to being busy.

"It is busy, fast-paced, exciting, always lots to do," Eid said.

"More of the bad guys come out at night," Eid said. "All of the interesting calls happen working on the graveyard shift."

Little did she know a burglary call would lead to her being shot.

Watch Eid on the job: