Denver man says red light ticket server went too far after he failed to pay the fine

Posted at 8:18 PM, May 10, 2017

DENVER -- A Denver man who was served a red light ticket he failed to pay says the man responsible for serving the paper went too far and is now asking something be done to change how the process is handled.

Rodger Harvey said it happened Sunday evening after a man dressed in biker gear loudly knocked on his front door while yelling for Harvey to come out. 

Harvey told Denver7 he didn't open the door at first and told the man outside who he was, before the man unrolled a piece of paper telling Harvey he had been served for a red-light ticket he did not to pay. As the man walked off, Harvey chased him asking for an I.D.

Harvey said their conversation then turned physical, eventually turning into a shoving match. 

"The ends don't justify the means. For a $30 photoradar ticket, I got a thug coming to my house and banging on my door scaring my whole family? Why not have a uniformed officer?”

Denver Police told Denver7 using police officers to serve unpaid tickets would be a poor use of the department’s resources, adding the department contracts with Roland Process Service & Investigations to serve tickets.

Roland Process Service & Investigations’ operations manager told Denver7 the servers are not regulated by the state and aren't required to show their I.D. to people they are serving. The company does run a background check on its employees.

Despite receiving a mail notice warning him of the violation, Harvey said intimidation isn't the right way to serve tickets.

“How appalling is that an individual who is representing the city looks like this and acts like this?" said Harvey.

Denver, Aurora, Sheridan all have red light cameras and all serve tickets after mail notices are sent. The City of Boulder only mails its red light ticket violations to drivers. 

Intersections were red light cameras are most active in Denver metro area:   

City of Sheridan: River Point Parkway and US 285

City of Denver: 6th and Lincoln

City of Boulder: 27th and Baseline

If you'd like to explore where other red light cameras are located in your neighborhood, click here to access the interactive map.