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Denver International Airport will begin vendor search for Great Hall renovation project

'Our Colorado' looks at the revamp of part of DIA
Posted at 6:58 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 00:29:41-04

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DENVER -- Under the iconic white peaks of the Denver International Airport, plans to revamp the Great Hall are moving forward. 

The renovation team announced Wednesday it will seek applicants for the first ten concessions that will be placed inside the renovated terminal. They said it's the first step in a four-year process to change the feel of the Great Hall and enhance security measures.

"Denver’s passenger mix and demographics present a highly attractive customer segment for retailers, services and restauranteurs alike. We believe these passengers are ready to welcome new experiences into their airport," said Ignacio Castejon, Chief Executive Officer of Great Hall Partners.

They will be looking for food, beverage and other retailers with local ties. A spokesperson for the project said the idea is to give passengers a Colorado experience when they touch down in Denver. 

The application process opens on April 16 following an informational event at the Kimpton Hotel Born located in downtown Denver. The Great Hall Partners will evaluate the options and choose the vendors. Construction is expected to begin this summer.