CSP saving time, money with fingerprint scanners

Posted at 10:04 PM, Apr 21, 2016

Driving without a driver’s license is a violation, but Colorado State trooper Chris Simpson said many drivers still break the law. 

“You can get a ticket for not having an identification and it’s actually an arrestable offense,” said Simpson.

But even if drivers don't have a license, troopers have recently started using mobile fingerprinting scanners.

“We can properly identify that person in seconds,” said Simpson. 

The Colorado State Patrol has 500 troopers state-wide and 174 of them are carrying the mobile scanners with them.

Getting fingerprinted during a stop is optional and the driver must scan both index fingers. The driver’s information is available for the trooper to see along with any criminal records.

The scanners save troopers time and taxpayers money since a trip to the county jail for fingerprinting could cost up to $400 and several hours. The small gadget could also come in handy during tough situations.

“People that don't speak English very well, we can help identify those people quicker. We can identify victims of crashes or fatalities," said Simpson.


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