Community attends Denver Islamic Society to learn about culture

Posted at 5:13 PM, Feb 18, 2017

DENVER -- There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to President Donald Trump's plan on refugees. He recently announced that his administration is working on a new executive order to ban refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries. In the meantime, Islamic community members in Colorado are waiting it out.

On Saturday, the Denver Islamic Society invited neighbors to an open house in order to curb some people's fears about the culture.

"I don't want Muslims to be treated as a minority," said Denver Islamic Society President Muhamed Malki. I want them to be part of the fabric of American society."
A large crowd of strangers filled the room eager to learn about their Muslim neighbors.
"There's fear in this country and when there's fear there should be more talking." said Lisa Betchey. This was the first time she had ever entered a Mosque. "There should be more coming together. There shouldn't be more putting people in boxes and closing the door."
Betchey was referring to President Trump's recent actions and rhetoric. The president, however, has vowed to treat refugees fairly just as long as the United States is safe. There are plenty of people in America who agree with him and the idea of safety first.
Inside the Denver Islamic society there was solidarity with Muslims and a willingness to learn the unknown.
"Not everyone is a bad person," said Bobbi Furer, who attended the open house. "Not everybody is here to kill us. We have people in our own country who kill."


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