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Communities expanding neighborhood watch to include dogs… and goats?

See something, bark (or say) something
Posted at 10:07 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 01:54:42-04

DENVER — Law enforcement always needs help in identifying crimes. So multiple communities along the Front Range have turned to dogs and dog walkers, asking them to report things they see while out on a walk. 

In Denver, the program is called “Pups on Patrol.” In Wheat Ridge it’s known as the “Dog Walker Watch Program.” Both involve a short class, put on by the police department, to train dog owners on what to keep an eye out for, and how to get help. Things like suspicious people, burglary, vandalism, or other crimes.

“It’s like a neighborhood watch except you’re on foot,” Denver Police Officer Robert Gibbs told a class of about 50 people Thursday evening.

Gibbs preached common sense, and how to report a crime in progress. 

“Anything that’s happening, no matter how minor it is, and it’s happening at that moment - 911,” he said. 

After the hour-long class, owners in Denver received special orange bandanas for their canines to wear. In Wheat Ridge, similar classes are put on, only their bandanas are yellow. 

The other main difference in Wheat Ridge - there are goats on their force. 

Yes, goats. Two Nigerian dwarf goats named Stanley and Fishy. 

Both Denver and Wheat Ridge plan on holding additional classes this summer. For more information on Denver classes click here. If you're interested in the Wheat Ridge program, then follow this link.