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Colorado driver says DoorDash hasn't paid her yet

Posted at 6:55 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 21:28:17-04

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DENVER -- Imagine working all week and not getting paid for it. That's what at least one driver for DoorDash is saying happened to her this week.

Tashara Ector says the prepared food delivery service job is perfect for her.

"I just like the job,” Ector said. “I like it."

She works for DoorDash. If you’re unfamiliar with DoorDash, just think Uber, only instead of moving people, DoorDash moves food.

You use the app to order food to go from a variety of restaurants and then drivers like Tashara pick it up and deliver it straight to your door.

"The flexibility that this job offers is what I was looking forward to," Ector said.

There's just one problem.

"No payment," Ector said.

Ector didn't get paid this week. Shorted about $650 by DoorDash.

"It's saying that it was put into someone's account, but not mine," Ector said.

Records indicate her money was paid out to a Fast Pay account, which allows drivers to get paid before payday for a fee. 

One receipt indicates Ector took out $289.09 through Fast Pay. But, she doesn't use that service.

"There has never one-time been a Fast Pay account set-up in my name," Ector said.

Denver7 reached out to DoorDash and has not heard back.

In an e-mail to Ector, the company said it would, '...attempt to recover this payment and others... (but) unfortunately this is rarely successful."

"I feel I'm owed more than an explanation of maybe, 'we can find out what happened to your money,'" Ector said. “I work really, really hard for that company. This job provides my rent. Everyone is counting on me that lives in my household."