Colorado couple look for doctors who saved child's life during emergency at Union Station

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jul 06, 2018

DENVER -- They were at the right place at the right time: a local family is looking for two doctors they said saved their baby girl's life on a crowded day at Union Station. 

Brad and Alli Gershon had just finished dinner inside a Union Station restaurant recently, when they were quickly reminded how fragile life is.

"She cried for about two seconds and then her eyes rolled back," said Brad.

The couple's children wanted to play outside, and that’s when the youngest, 18 month-old Elle, collapsed.

"She wasn't breathing or anything and these two young doctors said, 'we're doctors, we’re doctors.'"

One of the doctors began CPR, as someone called 911. Twenty minutes felt like an hour, Elle's parents told Denver7.

"Complete panic. I didn't know if she was gonna make it… she was completely pale and blue," said Alli.

An ambulance rushed Elle to a nearby hospital with the Gershons right behind them.

"The paramedics came out and said, 'she's responsive. She's doing so much better,'" Alli said.

They still don't know exactly what happened to Elle, as doctors are still running tests. But they do know those doctors that day at Union Station were their guardian angels - and they're hoping to find them. They’re unsure if they were coming or going that night from Union Station and getting their names or contact info was lost in the chaos of the emergency.

The family told Denver7 there wasn’t time that night to say this: "How grateful we are. I truly believe they saved her life and I’ll never forget them," said Alli.