Coloradans worried about family, friends in Houston

Posted at 3:17 PM, Aug 27, 2017

DENVER -- Some Coloradans are worried about their family and friends as tropical storm Harvey moves over the Houston area.

Lidia Hassell can only watch and wait. She grew up in southeast Texas, but moved to Denver in 2010. She said her family and friends still live in Houston.

"My cousin and his girlfriend had to evacuate the house," Hassell said. "They're trying to get away from that part of town, but they can't, they're stuck."

The country is glued to their TV's and/or phones, following the news out of Texas. Pictures and videos of the catastrophic flooding are shared all over social media.

Hassel said her family is safe, but the homes are left damaged from the storm.

"My parents, they live in Matagordo Bay and their house isn't there anymore," said Hassell. "They have nothing to come home to, that's their retirement home."

She doesn’t plan to travel to Houston right now because she doesn’t want to get in the way.

“My husband and I, our condo’s not very big, but we’ll definitely, you know, if my parents need to come here, of course we’ll have my parents come up here.”


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