City Park Golf Course redesign unveiled, 261 trees marked for removal

Construction on project begins November 1
Posted at 10:02 PM, Oct 12, 2017

DENVER -- Bright yellow bands are wrapped around trees in City Park Golf Course, indicating they are slated to be cut down. According to City of Denver officials, those trees will not be removed before November 1.

Many of those trees are surrounding the clubhouse where the city unveiled specific plans for stormwater detention on the golf course property. The course will be reconfigured in the process and the clubhouse will be relocated.

As part of the project, 261 trees will be removed. There are currently 824 trees on the property according to city plans.

"The whole area is going to change dramatically," said Hans Windhoff, a nearby resident.

The project is moving forward despite an unresolved legal challenge. A lawsuit questioning whether or not the park can be used for stormwater detention went to trial in August. The judge has yet to issue a ruling.

"The city moving forward without the judge rendering his decision is showing a complete disrespect for the legal system," said Lewis Plachowski, a board member with City Park Friends and Neighbors.

Denver officials argue the project will only improve what it widely considered a crown jewel of the city.

"I would say it’s actually enhancing it, it’s polishing the crown, if you will. It’s going to be a much better facility," said Scott Rethlake, Director of Golf for the City of Denver.

He also explained there will be a net gain of 500 trees by the time the project is complete.