CO Senate kills bill to retain 'Mile High' name

CO Senate kills bill to retain 'Mile High' name
CO Senate kills bill to retain 'Mile High' name
Posted at 8:47 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 22:47:02-04

What's in a name? If it's "Mile High," maybe, history. Lawmakers met Thursday to discuss a bill that would have kept "Mile High" on the stadium no matter who is sponsoring it at the time. The bill ended up dying in the Colorado Senate, and Representative Dan Pabon, D-Denver, is still not quite sure what happened.

“Conspiracy by the Oakland Raiders, the Carolina Panthers,” he said jokingly.

His bill to keep "Mile High" part of the stadium name no matter who sponsors the venue failed 3 to 2.

Denver7 caught up with the Denver Democrat. He said it's important to give back to taxpayers who have already given so much.

“For the last 50 plus years, the tax payers have footed the bill for the stadium, for the Broncos,” He said, “Let us have a little bit of history as part of our taxpayer dollars.”

Tax payer and Broncos fan David Person agrees.

“I think taking Mile High out of the name would kind of be taking away tradition,” Person said.

The bill couldn't have come up at a more appropriate time.

“Sports Authority is now going bankrupt and selling off their assets. The likelihood of sponsorship changing is enormous,” said Pabon.

But law or no law, Broncos fans said the mile high tradition will continue, if only by word of mouth.

Denver7 did reach out to the lawmakers who opposed this bill, but did not hear back as of Friday night.


Reporter Kristen Skovira is a Colorado native and a Chapman University alum. Follow her on Facebook.

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