Uber desperately needs drivers in the mountains

Posted at 12:39 AM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 02:39:23-05

It's fairly easy to get a ride with a service like Uber if you live in or around the metro area, but once you get up into the mountains, catching a ride becomes a bit more difficult. 

"I'm all for going up to the mountains, but I'm not going to go up without a rider and just sit and hope I get lucky, you know?" Uber driver Cathie Eberhard said.

As of October, there were only 18 Uber drivers working in the mountains, leaving longer wait times and in some cases no available cars.

"There's shuttles and stuff to get people around up there or some walking things. But this just makes it more convenient for people so they can get around on their own time," Uber driver John Ford, who drives in the mountains, said.

So the company started recruiting aggressively across Summit County. And they have more than quadrupled their force of drivers in the mountains since, in order to be able to get skiers, tourists and more, around.

"They're used to using Uber and they're looking for a way to get around up in the mountains between Breckinridge, Keystone, Dillon, Silverthorne. It's getting big," Ford added.

The driver recruitment is mainly aimed at people who live in the mountains, to drive around and between ski resorts and towns.

But what about getting people to and from the mountains?

"That's what I want to do," Ford said with a smile. "I go up 3-4 times a week because I teach skiing up there... It would be great."

Uber said they're working on something behind the scenes, long term, to help solve that problem. But there isn't anything concrete yet.

Keep in mind, if you're driving or riding with Uber in the mountains, the base fare is more than double that of Denver. 


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