Another brutal, vicious attack on the 16th St. Mall caught on camera

Officials say private security coming mid-August
Posted at 9:12 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 23:40:50-04

DENVER -- Another brutal and vicious attack on the 16th Street Mall was caught on camera Wednesday night, this one happening at around 11 p.m. near 16th and Stout.           

The video, captured by a resident from his fourth-story apartment in the area, shows a man is knocked to the ground and then beaten by a mob of attackers.           

The new attack is yet another black-eye for the mall after a series of violent incidents in the area, the most talked about involving a homeless man violently attacking others with a pipe in broad daylight.  

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Many say there's a complete lack of law and order, even with an increased police presence.           

“It is terrifying," said Terry Darnell, who captured video of the Wednesday night assault. “At this window is when I could see them chase the man over to the street art here,” said Darnell.

The video shows a man being knocked unconscious and then sucker-punched twice more by another attacker. You can see the video below (Warning: The video below contains offensive language):

"This was 11 o'clock at night on a Wednesday,” said witness Madison Rupert. “And that's mainly why I called 911 because there's families and people still out here."

Rupert and Connor Kundtz said that despite recent efforts by the city to curb the violence, nothing seems to be working to curb the violence.

“I don't let her (Madison) walk to the store, which is like, a block away -- alone at night," said Kundtz.

Rupert said the harassment is constant.

"All the time,” Rupert said. “If I bring food home for him from my restaurant, if I'm holding it, they're like yelling at you for your leftovers. Yelling obscene things. Always."

Darnell said the harassment it must stop.

“It seems like when they have an officer on each block, it’s a quiet night,” Darnell said. “But when the officers hang out together and take the strolls, the instigators see that all five officers are at the top of the mall, stuff breaks out and by the time police get here, (the perpetrators) have gotten away with it. And it’s night after night after night.”

“I don’t even feel comfortable walking to Walgreen’s to get ice cream at night,” Rupert said. “And it’s right across the street.”

The Denver Police Department said it would get back to Denver7 with regard to charges or arrests in this case. The Downtown Denver Partnership had no comment about this latest incident, but said it is adding private security to the mall as early as mid-August.


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