How stranded travelers spent a day at DIA

Posted at 8:55 AM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 10:56:04-04

Denver International Airport shut down for the first time in about a decade Wednesday. Some people slept there. Others stayed for all day, went home and returned Thursday morning to try again.

This is how everyone killed the time:


Room with a view. #denverblizzard #denverairport

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#stranded at #denverairport and they shut down all ways out of the city. I can't believe I'm part of the #denverblizzard

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#snorkeling #denverairport #blizzard #stranded

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Killing time #westinhotel #denverairport #escalator #escalatortimelapse

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#springbreak2016 #denverairport Is that real?

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Creative sleeping solution at #denverairport over snowstorm night! #springbreak2016 #denver cares about you

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Just before the update to "airport closed; Pena Blvd closed"-AKA: trapped like rats #ratherbeskiing #anyplacebuthere

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TSA is a breeze #allflightscancelled #silverlining

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Travel ban in Denver.

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SLUMBER PARTY ft. disaster blankets #blizzard

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Because the #strugglewasreal Lord, please get me out this airport today! S/O @canvasfash have a safe trip home

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Fallout from yesterday's storm. Off to Sacramento! #DIA #denver #winterstorm #whiteout

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At least I got to sleep in my own bed.

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Family #airport #slumberparty #blizzard2016 #springbreak #airportshutdown #denverblizzard

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??? ????? @minhwichae ????

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#vara2 #homeless ?????

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Got Luggage? #bestvacationever

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People are bustling about as if they have things to do. We are all stranded here. I'm at my people watching prime.

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Denver international airport during a blizzard. Notice that the snow on the road is underneath an overhang. Blowing in.

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Only 11 more hrs to go in the Denver Airport! @mvgiaco #fearthefin #sharkscicles #trappedindenver @ita_tennis

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After an epic blizzard..cancelled destination..2 different airlines...Vacation is now on...see ya next week denver..#byefelicia #letsBoogie #floridabound

Posted by Dave Shelly on Thursday, March 24, 2016


In line to get de iced They really have done well to recover from the blizzard yesterdayPlanes and crews were not where they needed to be the morning

Posted by Jeff Seefeldt on Thursday, March 24, 2016