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Colorado Parks and Wildlife seeing increase in coyote attacks in Erie

Posted at 3:26 PM, Nov 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-19 20:37:04-05

ERIE, Colo. — Pet owners need to be on the lookout for coyotes, especially in Erie. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say that’s where they’ve seeing the most attacks on pets. A total of 11 attacks have been reported so far in 2019, and CPW believes that number could be even larger.

Laura Baer's dog Duke was one of the pets attacked.

"It was terrifying definitely. In that moment, it was scary," Baer vividly remembers the attack.

Baer was in her backyard in the Erie Highlands development, watching the sunset. She says she was on her deck, Duke was by the fence, when out of nowhere the coyote sunk it's teeth into the 2-year-old dog.

"I saw it jump over, it grabbed him on his back and then it just jumped straight over," Baer says.

Her husband ran after the pack of coyotes in the field behind their yard; he fought the coyote off until it let go of the dog. Duke spent three days at the vet.

"He actually had a tooth go through his eye and it appeared like the coyotes tried to get to his throat. So most of the injuries were around his throat area," Baer said of Duke's injuries.

CPW officials advise pet owners use caution around dusk and avoid thick vegetation or known dens.

Baer said she didn’t know much about coyotes before moving to Colorado six months ago, but she’s learned, and the loving dog owner is hopeful others learn from her mistakes.

"Keep your wits about you. Don’t leave your animals, particularly smaller ones out in the backyard alone," Baer said.

CPW officials told Denver7 they won’t kill a coyote because of a conflict with a pet. If a coyote does approach, they say do not run, wave your arms and make as much noise as possible.