Investigation into Boulder superintendent placed on leave prompts packed board meeting

Posted at 10:40 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 00:41:41-04

BOULDER COUNTY, Co. – The board room at the Boulder Valley School Board meeting Tuesday was packed with community members and teachers upset with the district’s decision to place Superintendent Bruce Messinger on administrative leave almost a month ago without providing a reason.

One by one, teachers spoke at the podium before the board and demanded answers. Their support for Messinger was obvious.

"We are not happy with your secretive process," said one teacher. "Teachers want to be here. I believe that one very influential factor in our continued support is Bruce Messinger."

The president of the Boulder Valley Education Association, Tina Mueh, and her union members wanted to know why the board placed him on administrative leave and what the investigation entailed. The decision had come down, she told Denver 7, while the district was on break and says that action not only breaks district policy, but is against the law.

"We should be able, as the public, to see what that vote entails. So was it a school board majority? Who voted for that? We can't tell," said Mueh.

While yellow signs spelling out support for Messinger seemed to be everywhere, there were a few that supported the board's actions.

Some expressed their support for the board’s actions and even thanked them.

The district president, Sam Fuqua, in his first comment in weeks, spoke to the crowd:

“The board’s role here requires us to balance many different interests. We are moving forward towards closure on this matter and we very much appreciate your concern and patience.”

Denver 7 asked the district spokesperson about the boards’ decision behind closed doors breaking policy and have yet to hear back.

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