Boulder councilman: Time to bounce beer pong

Posted at 4:40 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 18:42:03-04

Forget garden gnomes and pink flamingos. On The Hill in Boulder, an infamous, well-know neighborhood just to the west of the University of Colorado campus, it would appear dilapidated beer pong tables are the must-have yard decoration. 

And now, because of the issue, Boulder councilman Andrew Shoemaker is floating the idea of an ordinance that would ban unused pong tables from front yards.

"The idea is to have people clean-up after themselves," said Shoemaker. "What I've proposed is having the tables removed when people aren't using them."

Shoemaker says this isn't a ban on the game of beer pong, or other games played on the tables.

"I'm just saying, perhaps it would be more suitable to move that activity to the backyard," said Shoemaker.

The idea is getting mixed reviews.

"We're raising our children here," said Chelsea Geraghty, resident of the Hill. "It'd be nice to clean it up. At least at night."

"To me - I just think it's a little ridiculous," said a junior at CU Boulder. "You're just going to keep butting heads with students. And I think that's the last thing you want."

Boulder already has an ordinance on the books that bans front yard couches. That ordinance came about after riot activity more than a decade ago. Shoemaker says an expansion of that ordinance to include beer pong tables might be the best resolution.


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