Boulder mulls ban at Chautauqua sledding spot

Posted at 10:49 AM, Dec 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-02 12:49:54-05

The Boulder City Council is considering an ordinance to ban skiing and snowboarding at a popular sledding spot, citing a risk of collisions.

According to Open Space and Mountain Areas spokesperson Phillip Yates, the city originally intended for skiing and snowboarding to be off-limits at Chautauqua Meadows. A study that ended in 2011 showed that collisions at Chautauqua Park were enough of a concern to put a ban on the skiing and snowboarding. The study was part of the West Trail Study Area Plan, which is still being put into place. The council hadn't gotten around to implementing the ban because of flooding in 2013.

"We have seen some instances of high speed crashes," Yates said. "It could potentially cause a pretty significant injury."

The sledding area is popular for young kids, but currently the rules only regulate "sliding." The ordinance adds specific mention to skiing and snowboarding.

The council is looking at the ordinance for the first time Tuesday night. However, there will be at least one more reading and a public comment period.

The city doesn't plan to cite anyone because of the ordinance, though they could give a $25 fine for people who refuse to follow the rule.