Transgender woman attacked by 3 men outside bar in Aurora

Bar employee wants justice for the crimes
Posted at 11:32 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-16 13:01:41-04

AURORA, Colo. -- A transgender woman is dealing with cuts and stitches after an attack outside of a bar in Aurora.  The incident occurred at 1:45 Sunday morning at Shepes’s at 1725 Peoria Street.

Employee Kassandra Meajivar is dealing with physical and emotional scars after she said three men attacked her in the parking lot.

"On the way to her car, someone called her, so she went to see what it was and she saw this person was behind the car. They approached her and hit her in the face," said Meajivar, speaking through a translator.

"From what she understands, she was hit by a beer, it was full beer bottle in her face."

"She was all covered in blood and it was until the firefighters came that they took her to the hospital because she couldn't stand," the translator said. 

Meajivar recognized one of the men, who was reportedly making fun of her appearance as she worked inside the bar, but never thought he would hurt her.

"Again this person stood in front of her and saying [sic] that he was better than her, that he was natural and said other nasty words," said the translator. 

Meajivar is an immigrant from El Salvador. She moved to the United States 16 years ago, hoping to avoid the harassment she faced at home.

She wants the men to be caught, for her piece of mind and for the safety of others.          

"She feels scared, she feels fear, not only by herself, because of other people that could be hurt," the translator said.

Aurora Police have not made any arrests.  Meajivar’s sister was a witness to the crime, but was unable to help.


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