Mailman tosses fragile package in Aurora home

Posted at 6:38 AM, Oct 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-04 08:38:44-04

When you first walk into Eric Lengren's home, it is hard not to notice collecting fine antiques is his thing. 

And he recently added a 50-year-old rare china to his collection.

"These are three plates that I ordered,” said Eric Lengren.

And he's breathing a sigh of relief they got to him all in one piece, because he was holding his breath when he checked out his home security camera.

"It's probably eight feet to my door and he just tossed it,” said Lengren.

Lengren was angry to see his rare china tossed by a United States Postal Service carrier.

"I chose them and when I saw that I thought this the way you are treating your customer and if so then why I am using them?” said Lengren.

The Postal Service declined to comment on the action of their mailman but said the video is being reviewed.

They gave 7NEWS the following statement:

“The postal service invests in training all employees to ensure the proper handling of the millions of packages entrusted to us every day".

Andy Vandal with USPS said this is not the standard practice of handling fragile packages, but they are typically well packed to sustain things like this.

"Each box is supposed to be 200 of crush test, you could drop it at 4ft and it should be just fine,” said Vandal.

But to Eric, the distance was more than that and even though his china is fine, he is not.  He said after seeing this, he'll be taking his packages somewhere else.

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