Porch pirate caught on video in Aurora stealing package

Posted at 10:20 PM, Dec 10, 2016

AURORA, Colo. -- A couple in Aurora caught a so-called porch pirate stealing a package from their front porch on surveillance video Friday.

"It happens, but unfortunately it's happening too often," said Jim Kossielniak, the homeowner.

Kossielniak and his wife, Chris Jenni, live in an Aurora neighborhood off I-225 and East Iliff Avenue where the latest crook hit in broad daylight.

"I'm the victim of the porch piracy," said Jenni.

In the video, the FedEx driver is seen pulling up, he drops off the package. Three minutes later, a silver hatchback pulls up. 

"Ran up to the house and took off," explained Kossielniak.

"There is a sense of violation," said Jenni.

Their surveillance camera is motioned censored, and only records in ten seconds intervals, but clearly shows the thief running up their driveway.

"The camera picked him up about halfway up the driveway and then that was the end of the footage," said Kossielniak.

Despite taking off with the bounty, the porch pirate likely didn't get what he was expecting.

"If it was diamonds he didn't get it -- women's clothing, sure," said Kossielniak.

The couple said the package contained an outfit worth around a hundred dollars.

"He's going to open it up going -- what do I need this for?" said Jenni.

Jenni said they filed a police report with Aurora police and are hopeful someone might recognize the thief or his car.

They also want it to serve as a warning to others not to take any chances with their packages this holiday season.

To protect yourself from porch pirates, experts suggest insuring expensive packages or having them delivered to a secure locations like a workplace or a local drop off location.

Amazon also has three secure lockers set up across the metro area where people can drop off and pick up packages.

"You think it's not going happen to you, but it will -- it can very easily," said Jenni. 


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