Aurora shooting survivors angry, concerned over upcoming Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones

Controversial interview with conspiracy theorist
Posted at 8:05 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 22:05:02-04

AUROA, Colo. -- An upcoming broadcast interview with conspiracy commentator Alex Jones is drawing anger from the family members of the Aurora movie theater murder victims. As he's done with the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, Jones has suggested the massacre in Aurora was also staged by the U.S. government.

The interview with Megyn Kelly will run on NBC this Sunday.

In response to the broadcast, Sandy Phillips whose daughter Jessica was killed in the shooting, tweeted saying, "She LIVED. She LOVED. She was SLAUGHTERED. LOOK at her. SEE her. Try to FEEL our pain." 

The concern surrounding the interview extends to Tom Sullivan, whose son was also killed in the shooting.

"As a father of a murdered son, you have to remind people that we have to get through every single day," said Sullivan. "I had no idea how painful this would be. I didn't know there's a physical pain you endure every day."

"This is nothing but noise. You don't need to hear this. This isn't a legitimate person," said Sullivan.

Sullivan said he’s not planning on watching the broadcast.

Kelly says it’s her job to “shine a light” on newsmakers, in a story on ABC News