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Aurora mom says school didn't do enough to protect her son from bullies

Kindergartner ended up with a concussion
Posted at 7:39 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 21:40:26-05

AURORA, Colo – A mother with nowhere to turn is doing what she can to protect her 6-year-old son, after she said the kindergartner was bullied to the point he needed to go to the hospital with a concussion.

Oneisha Coleman' son, Jayden, attends kindergarten at Yale Elementary within the Aurora Public Schools District.

She said she found out three weeks ago that Jayden was being bullied by other kids there.

“You tell your kids, ‘I’m going to protect you at all cost,” Coleman said. “But then you forget about the part where they have to go off in the world by themselves.”

Coleman said Jayden told her three weeks ago that students were bullying him at school.

“It’s just been different incidents that’s been happening,” Coleman said. “My son says it’s been kids beating him up and he tried to tell his teacher. He said he told his teacher one time a kid hit him and his teacher said 'hit him back.'”

Coleman said she tried reporting what her son told her to the school, but the school ignored her. Mow, Coleman said, the bullying has gone too far.

“Yesterday, the school called me for the third time and said my son had a severe headache, and that I needed to come and get him,” Coleman said. “Ultimately he was rushed to the emergency room because he suffered a concussion.”

Coleman said Jayden told her the reason for his concussion was a result from him getting beat up by two other kids at school.

Coleman then decided to get answers from Yale’s principal.

“He told me that it’s impossible to watch the students, because when they’re out on recess there’s 80 kids, and they only have two teachers out there because they had to take pay cuts last year. He said it’s beyond him, and there’s nothing he can do because there’s not enough staff.”

The whole situation has made Jayden’s family so upset that his aunt even decided to pull her kids from Yale.

“They won’t be going back, because they’re not safe, and I can’t take the risk of that happening again,” said Tamika Moore, Jayden’s aunt.

“You never want to think the teachers aren't protecting your kids,” Coleman said.

Now concerned for her son Jayden’s safety, Coleman has reported this to the Aurora Police Department to see how they can help.

“Jayden told me he doesn't ever want to go back to that school, ever,” Coleman said. “I told him I never want to send him somewhere he isn’t safe.”

Coleman said she is looking for different school options for her son, and has even considered home schooling.

Aurora Public Schools officials sent Denver7 this statement after calls for comment for this story:

“Student safety is our top priority. We do not tolerate bullying and take every report seriously. Once we receive a report, we work closely with families to address concerns and immediately investigate. Aurora Public Schools staff members are committed to providing every student with a safe and positive learning experience, every day.”