Affordable housing units for veterans set for development in Aurora

City attempting to close affordable housing gap
Posted at 6:49 PM, Mar 22, 2018

AURORA, Colo. -- The half-acre city-owned land at the corner of 17th and Paris in Aurora where 39 rental units will be built aims at closing the gap of affordable housing.

Jeff Martinez, president of the nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment, is partnering with the City of Aurora to help build the family units.

The Paris Family Apartments will serve dozens of families with 24 two-bedroom and 15 three-bedroom apartments planned at the site.

Martinez says households earning less than about $25,000 will be eligible. The 39 rental units will cost $12.9 million  to build and will target mainly veterans.

“We know here in Aurora this is really a community that was framed and built by the military,” said Martinez. 

Home to Buckley Air Force Base and the new VA hospital, Aurora is already a hub for the military — both active duty and veterans. 

City of Aurora officials said Wednesday there are over 23,000 veterans living in the city with over 1,300 experiencing poverty within the past 12 months.  

Nadine Caldwell with the Northwest Aurora neighborhood Association told Denver7 the affordable housing issue is growing with city's growth.

“My husband was a 32-year veteran and both of my sons are 20-year veterans and I know what they had to go through, so it's really cool that we are actually concentrating on the military for a change,” said Caldwell. 

But while residents living near where the units will be built are thrilled to see affordability move next door, they don't like the extra baggage that comes with it.

Dominique Renshaw, who lives in northwest Aurora, said they already have a parking problem in the area. 

“It's already a lot of congestion on the street,” said Renshaw. 

There will be a waiting list for the Paris Family Apartments, which are expected to be finished by May of 2019. Those interested in getting on the waiting list should contact Brothers Redevelopment at 1-844-926-6632 or visit