Arvada church advertising sanctuary to immigrants

National sanctuary network expands
Posted at 7:11 PM, Feb 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-19 21:11:16-05

ARVADA, Colo. – While Colorado refugees wait to learn how President Donald Trump’s immigration order will affect them, there is real fear and uncertainty surrounding his plans.

Arvada’s Seventh-day Adventist Church put up a sign on Friday, welcoming immigrants seeking sanctuary.

“Immigrants are welcomed in a Christian church. I think it’s a shame that we even have to say that,” Pastor Gordon Anic, with the church, told Denver7.

Anic said he had to do something, and opening his doors to immigrants is something the church has always done. “We have a Spanish congregation, an Indonesian congregation. We have an American congregation. So we have people from all over the world.”

According to Anic, those very people fear what may come. “I had a man say to me yesterday, ‘Pastor Gordon, if I get arrested, can I ask you to help take care of my kids?’ When somebody says that to you in America… are you kidding me?” Anic said.

We have already seen that action take place within the Denver Metro area. Denver7 reported on Jeanette Vizguerra.

Her case made national headlines after the undocumented Colorado mother of three fled to the First Unitarian Church in Denver -- which agreed to give her sanctuary.

According to the Washington Post, the nationwide sanctuary network has grown to nearly 800 participating churches and community centers in the last year.

We learned a second mother, Ingrid Encalada LaTorre had been living at Denver’s Mountain View Quaker meeting house since the end of November.

“The whole immigration thing, it just got me to the core. I don’t know what else to say,” Bobbi Furer told Denver7 cameras.

Furer is a Jewish-American who said her concern is history repeating itself.

“I understand vetting and there has to be some, but you know… my family. I lost my family in the Holocaust and when the SS St. Louis came around with Jews from Germany that were seeking refuge, Roosevelt would not let them in. That happened to us,” said Furer.

While the support for these Safe Haven churches grows, safety remains on the minds of those who support President Trump’s immigration plans.


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