Car dealerships near Dinosaur Ridge? Not so fast

Posted at 5:56 PM, May 05, 2016

It's a cherished natural landmark and now residents in Jefferson County say it's being threatened by car dealerships. 

"Dinosaur Ridge is so special, so unique,” said Sharon Smolinski, a Jefferson County resident.

On Thursday night, Smolinski -- along with many others -- hope to put the brakes on a proposed development and rezoning near the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center.

“I'd hate to lose a beautiful view," said frequent hiker Alisha Rice.

Rice is among the hikers, bikers, school kids and the curious, who come to the ridge to check out the dinosaur tracks and the view. 

"I visit here almost every week,” she said. A spokesperson for Save Dino Ridge, a local grassroots organization alleges the applicant, Three Dinos LLC., is trying to change the zoning of privately-owned land near C-470 and West Alameda.

"I was really upset,” said Smolinski, “This is one of my favorite places on the Front Range to come and hike. The people I’ve talked to, very few people know about it," she added.

If the rezoning is approved, the land next to the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center could have nearly 30-acres of car dealerships. Currently, it's zoned for "light industrial businesses."

Rice and Smolinski are hoping to rally residents and said they hope to preserve an ancient area for future generations.

"I really hope the message gets out and that Jefferson County listens to the residents and the people that use the land," Rice said.

Denver7 did reach out to the proposed developer but as of the publishing of this article, we have not heard back from them.


Reporter Kristen Skovira is a Colorado native and a Chapman University alum. Follow her on Facebook.

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