'We are getting them out': Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to release more Hilary Clinton emails

'We are getting them out': Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to release more Hilary Clinton emails
Posted at 7:40 PM, Oct 09, 2020

In an interview that was published on the US Department of State's website Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said more of Hilary Clinton's emails would be released.

The news of the emails being released comes on the heels of two interviews President Donald Trump did Thursday.

On Fox Business, Trump expressed his unhappiness with Pompeo because he's "running the department," so he should be able to "get them out," the State Department interview transcript stated.

"They're in the State Department, but Mike Pompeo has been unable to get them out, which is very sad," Trump said. "Actually, I'm not happy about him for that – that reason. He was unable to get them out. I don't know why. You're running the State Department; you get them out. Forget about the fact that they were classified. Let's go. Maybe Mike Pompeo finally finds them. Okay?"

On Thursday, in an interview with Rush Limbaugh, President Donald Trump said Clinton "should be in jail" for deleting 30,000 emails, according to the State Department.

"She deleted 33,000 emails. She should be in jail for that. I don't even care if they're – if they're very highly confidential emails. I don't care what."

In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Pompeo said that they have the emails and they're "getting them out."

"We're going to get all this information out so the American people can see it," Pompeo said. "You'll remember there was classified information on a private server. It should have never been there. Hillary Clinton should never have done that. It was unacceptable behavior. It's not the kind of thing that leaders do."

Pompeo added that the emails would probably be released before the election." We're doing it as fast as we can," Pompeo said. "I certainly think there'll be more to see before the election."

In 2019, the State Department found "no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information."