Strasburg ranch to crowdsource cattle with help of startup

Crowd Cow coming to Colorado
Posted at 5:10 PM, Apr 28, 2017

STRASBURG, Colo -- You have probably heard of the farm-to-table movement ,or at least eaten at a restaurant that prepares dishes with fresh ingredients from the farm produce.

A startup called Crowd Cow has created the same process, but for beef available for purchase online. A local ranch here in Colorado is looking to sign up.

The technology helps play up the bigger trend, when the consumer skips the middle man or the grocery store and gets their product fresh from the ranch. Flying B Bar Ranch owner Brad Buchanan already sells cuts of beef online but it has gotten so popular, he’s looking to the startup to help manage his online grocery store.

“We’re really focused how our animals are treated, the life they live and also how they are slaughtered.”

That’s why Buchanan only grass-feeds his cattle and lets them roam freely their entire lives on his ranch.

“[We're] able to offer something that’s completely natural, no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics.”

Nothing is wasted.

“We process 100 percent of the whole animal,” said Buchanan. “Rather than just selling steaks or burgers, we sell everything tip to tail.”

To return to the old way of raising cattle, Buchanan uses some new methods, but is looking to become more efficient with Crowd Cow.

“People will be coming out here to buy their boxes of beef and take them home and put them in their freezer or refrigerators.”

Now, the consumers don’t have to make the drive and can have the product shipped to their homes.

Crowd Cow is a Seattle-based startup that lets people crowdsource an entire cow through the website and that’s the only way it’s sold.

“Consumers and families are interested in knowing and learning more about where their food came from,” said Buchanan.

That concern is helping spread the ranch-to-table movement.

“We are able to offer great tasting really healthy beef for the same price they are selling at the grocery store," said Buchanan.

For more information about Flying B Bar Ranch, visit the website.

For more information about Crowd Cow, visit their website here.

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