High school students in small Colorado town shaping the future of journalism

Posted at 3:06 PM, Apr 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-07 20:04:49-04

ELIZABETH, Colo -- What started as a theater club inside Elizabeth High School has now turned into a student newsroom.

"The more it turned into broadcasting journalism the more we realized it was more fun to reach out personally to the students of the high school," said senior Ben Humphrey.

Every other Tuesday it's "lights, camera, action" for the class of EZTV. Their mini newscasts show during class periods and also stream on the school website.

"It's reaching out to people with genuine really awesome stories that happen in this community and I think that's the coolest part. It's really rewarding," said Humphrey.

Technology instructor Dan Marcus oversees it all.

"With such a variety of an audience they have to keep in mind the things that are appropriate and not appropriate as journalists to display on their broadcasts."

The news team helps support school sports programs and community events in their small town that sits about an hour southeast of Denver.

Just recently students put together a PSA on drunk driving. They got help from first responders too.

"We're able to do a little of it all," said Humphrey

Through all this Mr. Marcus says the main message he wants to get across to his class has little to do with journalism.

"One of the most important life skills they can get out of this program has nothing to do with the media. It's about collaboration. Working with teams and working with each other," he said.

Watch a full newscast in the video below: